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Freddy Vs Jason (2003)
Freddy Vs Jason After well over a decade, it has finally arrived! And does it deliver? I give it a resounding THUMBS UP! Freddy vs. Jason is all that fans of either or both series could ask for, really. The tone is serious with some black humor but never does it slide into the parody arena. The plot is pretty simple. Some Disposable Teens (of the likes of any of the classic FRIDAY flicks) are being wiped out by JASON VORHEES as he attacks Elm Street teenyboppers and their parents. Turns out ol' invincible Jason is being puppeted by Freddy The K-Meister so everyone will THINK it's Freddy and he can gain his powers back---all of which are based on FEAR. There's also a subplot with some anti-dreaming drugs, but that's really not too important here. What everyone is wanting to see is the SHOWDOWN between the PSYCHOS after they get done wiping out some Disposable Teens. And boy does it happen in a grande style: TWO knock-down, drag-out fights happen between our two villains, one in Freddy's dream world (where Jason becomes a CAMP COUNSELOR at Crystal Lake, gets his arms ripped off, and Jason gets bounced around like a pinball!) and the finale in the "real world" at Crystal Lake. Both battles are more than satisfactory, emulating a balls-to-the-wall street fight with fingerknives, machetes, and anything these guys can get their hands on. The ending of this movie is probably the bloodiest, goriest 'R'-rated movie I've seen. I bet the MPAA was clapping as these two killers systematically hacked each other to pieces for all the dirty deeds they've committed over the years, so I assume that's one reason why they let things slide. Freddy vs. Jason is clever, witty, and fun---if you're a fan of either series. It's a rawkin' popcorn muncher, a fun-time matinee flick that delivers the groceries and then some. I totally loved the ending of this movie, even though it does kind of set things up for another sequel---which I hope they DON'T do. This should be the HIGH NOTE both franchises go out on... But to scoop a line from another MASKED MADMAN series, "You can't kill the boogeyman..." Anyway, see FREDDY vs. JASON. It's worth the trip!

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